Friday Night B-ball

Monday, April 24, 2017

In true Stewart fashion, our weekend was once again jam packed with activities -- but fun activities.  So rather than trying to cram everything we did into one post, I figured I'd break it up...starting with Friday night.

I'd love to say it was our version of "Friday Night Lights" but given that we live in Texas everyone knows that that terms refers to football games.  Heck, even Littlest Miss is asking when we get to go back to a football game.

But given that we attended our first Rangers game of the season, and it happened to be a Friday night, under the lights, it seem fitting.

The only thing that probably would have made the night a bit better was if we'd stayed until the end to see the Friday night fireworks.  But a long week, tired Littles, and the seemingly never-ending threat of Dallas Spring storms meant this family left in the 6th inning. 

Regardless, we had fun and can't wait to go back.

The life sized baseballs in front of the stadium were a hit

A little unsure what to do with it and how to climb on it.

Not complaining about some help from (and a picture with) Daddy.

Don't worry, we weren't left out of the picture taking fun.

This statute.  The girls are obsessed.  Last year, they spent hours playing with/on it.  The second they saw it this year, the same thing. I don't get it, but happy girls = happy mom, right?

Trying to get a picture with Little Miss.  She wasn't cooperating.

First home run fireworks.  Girlfriend loves her some fireworks.

See how happy she is.  Amazingly the Rangers hit 4 home runs while we were there, so we got to witness this reaction 4 times.  Heart-melting happiness.

The only thing that may have made them happier was the cotton candy (by the fistful).

Seriously, I don't even think they tasted it.  Just smiled, shoveled and ate.  As in the entire bag, pretty much gone.

View from our seats.  Can't complain especially since they were compliments of the Husbands work.  And have to love seeing the AT&T logo everywhere we go!

One last selfie with Little Miss before heading home.  It only took us about 8 attempts to get some sort of smile out of her.

How was your weekend?  I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of the rest of ours!

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