Life in Rewind: Auntie Barb Visits

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

About a month ago, Auntie Barb flew into town for one of her two annual visits (so super cool by the way that she comes to see us twice a year!) and like always we had a blast.  We crammed a lot of activities into the three days that she was here.

However, unlike other visits, this one wasn't nearly as chaotic.  Now don't get me wrong, we still did a lot, but it wasn't a constant on the go like other trips.  Rather, it was just a lot of little things and hanging out.  Which was awesome.

So here's a quick recap -- based solely on the pictures from my phone, which sadly aren't a lot as Auntie Barb loves to take pictures, so I readily hand over that responsibility to her.  The best part about it...when she gets home she prints out the pictures and sends us the best ones!  Such a great treat especially in this electronic driven world!


The morning started out pretty "lazily" doing various Target $1 Section crafts.  The biggest hit was the shrinky art. I remember seeing this as a kid, but haven't seen it in ages.  Definite winner and I would have stocked up on my next trip, but it must have been a popular item as I've never found them again!

Coloring with Auntie
Pre-shrunk Art

Watching them shrink 

After finally changing out of our PJ's, we actually headed north to the Texas Tulip Farm.  Y'all this place was amazing...even though it was the last weekend that they were open.  Basically, its a huge former-ranch that just has rows and rows of you-pick-them-tulips.  The girls had a blast and I was in heaven being surrounded by tulips.  My only tip would be to go earlier in the season as the pickable worthy tulips were slightly slim picking.

Oh and limit how many tulips your kids can pick.  At $2.50/tulip, the final bill gets big.  And quickly!

Littlest Miss picking her tulips.  Sshhh...don't tell anyone, but she may have broken more tulips then she successfully picked.

Little Miss picking hers.  This kid was a pro.  I should have just let her pick them all and not gotten my hands muddy.

Some of our pretty loot. 

This may have been their favorite part...muddy puddles.  In true Peppa fashion, the girls definitely jumped in them. several times.

Taking their goodies to the car

After tulip picking it was off to see Beauty and the Beast (so good!).  Even the girls loved it.  So much so that Belle has overthrown Aerial as the favorite princess in our house.  Thankfully, because I knew the story, we snuck out to get popcorn during the "war" at the end and avoided some of the scarier parts. 

We then headed home, where we hung out with Grandma and Grandpa and relaxed the rest of the night at home with pizza and wine


Typical Saturday morning of gymnastics and donuts followed by the annual Blue Bonnet pictures.  If you are in Texas in the spring, its a must-do-Texas tradition.  The only glitch this year was that someone had told Little Miss that snakes like to hide in the flowers so she wasn't too terribly keen on sitting in the flowers for her pictures.  
Thankfully, we got a couple of good ones.

Since it was March Madness, we spent the rest of hanging out at the house, watching basketball, grilling and drinking more wine.  Did you pick up on the trend there?  Us girls definitely like our wine.

Speaking of grilling, we made this chicken -- which I found while flipping through a magazine earlier that day.  So, so, so good.  I may just have to make it again this weekend! 


After church, it was time for our shopping outing!  We didn't end up buying very much stuff, but never the less it was still fun to wander around the town center, play and chat.  Plus, since I updated my phone to the iPhone 7, it gave me a good opportunity to play around with some of the new features (i.e. the updated camera).  Sadly, though, I only snapped a handful of them as I was busy pushing the stroller.  I am really curious if the pictures are that much better!

We wrapped up the trip with a yummy dinner at Del Frisco's Grille followed by popsicles at Steel City Pops.

Such a great weekend!  Auntie Barbara visits are always some of our favorites!

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