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Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy Friday y'all!

I know I promised a second post about the rest of our weekend -- but in hindsight, we didn't do a ton!  A couple of bday parties, dinner with friends, church, and relaxing around the house.  I think I may have snapped a handful of pictures...so in reality it would have made for a super boring update.  P

Plus, it's Friday

And we have WAY more exciting things to share.  Such as our love for all things Rollie Pollie.

To me these things are still a bug and thus, gross.  Similar to looking for oysters with my Aunt, I am all about the hunt, but I will not pick them up and may scream like a little girl if my Littles try to get me to hold one.  However, the girls are a completely different story.

Little Miss has always loved them -- so much so that she's been known to call them "magical" amongst other things.  Thus, its only fitting that Littlest Miss is following in her footsteps.  Heck, Littlest Miss found a rollie pollie at school the other day, carried it in her hand with her long enough to bring it home and then was reduced to tears when she dropped it and it disappeared (either it was hidden in the dark wood, or more likely, Wrigs ate it thinking it was food from her plate that she dropped)

So needless to say, in order to stop the tears, a hunt was a necessity.

And even though it had just rained and was much cooler than normal, we still found three rollie pollies each.  Thank goodness for the last one -- otherwise Little Miss was on the verge of a meltdown because her sister had more than her.

Welcome to my life.



And rollie pollies.

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