Back at it...

Friday, October 17, 2014

So this week marks the first week that we are "back at it" aka mommy has returned to work. 

Although I took off more time this maternity leave than I did previously, I wasn't nearly as ready to go back.  Maybe it was because two kids kept me busier than one kid.  Maybe it was because I was constantly busy with the seemingly endless parade of contractors in and out of my house.  Maybe it was because in between contractors I was trying to decorate our new house.  Or maybe, just maybe, part of me really enjoyed spending every waking minute with my children just being their mommy.

And because mommy has returned to work, it also means that we are "back at it" in terms of this blog.  While on maternity leave, I did miss blogging.  I missed creating a space that I could go back to and eventually share with the girls.  I missed getting to share our everyday events and little milestones with friends and family who we don't see often.  However, despite missing this, nothing was more important to me than spending time with these little girls actually creating the memories.  That meant that pulling out the computer wasn't a priority.  And at times, the computer would actually go missing for days.  A couple of times I tried to blog via my iphone or ipad and it just wasn't worth it. So I resorted to almost daily instagram posts and occasional facebook posts.  And that was enough.  At least for then.

But now that I am back to the daily grind and staring at a screen for hours a day, I am hoping that I can blog a couple of times a week.  Not too often because every minute spent looking at this screen is one more minute away from my girls, but often enough that I'll have these moments to look back on for years to come.

And since its Thursday (night), the day I'd kind of designated for Baby Girl 2.0 and it's her 4 month birthday, what a better topic for today.  No words, just some pics of this little sweetheart.  I'll do her actual 4 month post sometime next week.  Promise.

Littlest Miss excited to officially be 4 months old

Already skeptical of shots and the doctor

Playing with her bird friends

Testing out her crib.  Only took mom and dad 16+ weeks to find the bolts

Hello.  How you be?

More pictures to come next week.  I can't divulge everything she's done this last month in her unofficial 4 month post.

Happy Thursday!

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