Already Becoming Best Friends

Friday, January 16, 2015

One of my biggest fears about having more than one child was the relationship that they would have with each other.  I could only hope and dream that they would be best friends, knowing that bickering was inevitable.  I've posted about this before here.

However, what has continued to amaze me is how just how much they love each other.

Not just Little Miss loving Littlest Miss.

But moreso, Littlest Miss loving Little Miss.  Her biggest smiles are a result of her sister.  As are her biggest laughs. 

I wish I had more to document the love between them.  But half the time I am so in awe that the camera is the last thing on my mind.  Rather, I just sit back and live in the moment.  However, I am so thankful that we have been able to capture the following moments in pictures and videos and cannot wait to see the sisterly love grow with each passing day.  Hopefully, we are well on the way to them already becoming best friends.

Little Miss Dancing for Littlest Miss

First bathtime hugs

Helping to Feed Sissy

Ball Pit Fun

Candyland and sticker's anyone?

Cart riding (first time for Claire!)


  1. Sweet babies! I love sibling love.

  2. I love both my sisters! I am so glad to have a good relationship with them! It takes time and there will be times when they can't stand each other but it gets better!

  3. Your photos just bring a huge smile to my face. What adorable children! Live in the beautiful moments you have. :)

  4. Aww, it must be so fun to watch their relationship flourish! I'm close with all of my siblings--and so blessed to have them!

  5. I had the same fear when I was pregnant with my second, "Will they be friends? Are they going to be too close in age and just be competing all the time? Will there be jealousy issues?" But oh my goodness, the love that my (now) three kids all have for each other is unbelievable! Don't get me wrong, like you said, of course there is bickering and tears and "he did this" and "she said that"; but they also have so much concern and compassion for each other, it always makes me think that they've known each other much longer then they've been alive for.
    You've got some beautiful, adorable girls!