Welcome Home Wednesday

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

So, I may have skipped quite a few of these.

So many so, that I really don't recall what the last update was.  Thankfully, there has been progress on the patio -- but sadly, not nearly as much as we'd hoped.  At one point just a few weeks ago, we were told that the target completion date was this Friday...well, as you'll see, I don't think that's going to happen.  I was optimistic that we'd be done by the following Friday, but with each day (and each storm that rolls through) I begin to think that the husband may be right and we'll be lucky to have it done by Friday June 10th...

...anywho, enough ba hum bugging by me.  I really do love everything that's been done to date.

The fireplace is almost done.  It just needs the stone tops on the seats and hearth and then the fireplace cap.

The interior ceiling of the outdoor living area is installed as well.  We still need to stain the wood, add the can lights and ceiling fan (or customer chandelier) and add the speakers, but hopefully those are all relatively quick steps?!?

The outdoor kitchen area is coming along as well.  The mortar is largely done and now its a matter of waiting on getting the appliances, getting them installed and getting the stone counter tops installed as well.  Part of this hold up is our fault as we accidentally (or may be not) initially picked a refrigerator and ice maker that weren't certified for outdoor use.

The masonry on the addition is almost done as well.  (Including the installation of the window...which only took 3 weeks to get delivered!)

And most of the interior of the media room is done as well.  All that remains here is some paint touch up (including painting the angled ceiling), adding the window trim, installing carpeting and then transferring our existing media room electronics from downstairs up into this room.

Once construction is done, its time to start decorating!  I've been looking at a few things for both the outdoor spaces as well as the media room, but haven't made any final decisions.  I am hopeful, that because of the delay, by time I actually purchase items for outside, I'll be able to snag some good deals as part of the end of summer sales!

And while I am thinking about it, where are your go-to places for outdoor decor?

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