Flying Solo

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This past weekend the Husband jetted off to Utah to spend some quality time with his little brother.  Lot's a manly things.  Namely hiking and hanging out.

While he was busy climbing mountains, the girls and I were flying solo.

I think we all had exhausting weekends.  Us girls, mainly because I kept us super busy.  Which worked well until yesterday.  When thankfully the husband was home, because we were all just super cranky and on each other's last nerves. Probably not the smartest thing for me to take them grocery shopping solo.  Oh well.  We still love each other.

and had a blast the rest of the weekend up to that point.

Friday night we just headed to the neighbors for pizza (and wine for the parents).  This wine glass charm may be the motto of the weekend.

After dinner, the kids watched a movie.  But not just any movie, a drive in movie!  Thank you Pinterest for the idea to do drive in movie theater cars out of card board boxes...Not only did it keep the occupied to decorate it, but all of them sat quietly and contently in their "car" eating popcorn and candy and watching the movie.  Score!

Saturday morning the girls and I woke up late and skipped Littlest Miss's gymnastics class (oops!), but still managed to burn off plenty of energy at the Sea Life Acquarium, walking over 0.5 miles of the mall to get to Rain Forest Cafe, and then walking another 0.5 miles back to the car.  Needless to say, we all took good naps!

Looking at the crocodile

Sharks from above

Checking out the fishies 

Once up and at them, we relaxed around the house and hung out with my friend Mary for a bit...well, until the babysitter showed up and the older girls headed out to dinner and drinks.

Sunday morning was again a lazy morning, but we mustered up the energy to go and see Angry Birds.  Overall, it was a cute movie, not great, but it kept both girls attention for the span of the least with some help from popcorn and sour watermelon candies!  Oh and it was Little Miss's first movie!  Wahoo!

After that, we really just relaxed the rest of the weekend.  We picked the husband up Sunday night and grabbed dinner as a family and got in some much needed cuddle time with our main man.

We spent Memorial Day getting ready for the week -- working on the house a bit, cleaning the cars, grocery shopping, etc.  Oh, but I can't forget that the Husband and Little Miss did manage to sneak away for a little bit to go fishing in the neighborhood.  They had a blast, but sadly didn't catch any time!

What about you?  How was your weekend?  Hope it was a a great one!

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