Weekly Menu - Week of January 12th

Monday, January 12, 2015

So two blog posts in one week.  This may be a new record.  Although since they are both meal planning posts, not sure that they are the most exciting posts.  Oh well.  Posts are coming.  Promise.

But in the meantime, here's what we are eating this week.

In part so I remember.  And in part so I don't waste time trying to find the recipe amongst my thousands of pins.  And in part to maybe help other busy moms out there.


This was a hit -- especially since I modified it by putting it in the crockpot.  Reese and I dumped everything in around lunch time, and my dinner we had a delicous meal of chili.  And because Reese helped make it, she enjoyed eating it -- it may have been the only reason she ate it.  She took one bite and said spicy, but then I reminder her that she made it and she proceeded to eat a decent chunk of it.  Thus, lesson learned -- for picky eaters, having them help in the kitchen may be the way to getting them to eat.


Note: I did make this yesterday and baked it for 30 of the 40 minutes.  When we get home today, we'll pop it back in the oven for another 15 minutes or so and hopefully have a deliscious quiche.  Fingers crossed it works.  Will be served with a side salad.



Served with noodles for R and salad for myself and the husband


Pesto Tilapia and Steamed Veggies

No recipe needed thanks to Costco.  Just pop the pre-seasoned fish into the over and steam the veggies while they cook.  Wa La.  Simple dinner.

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