California Adventures Day 1

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Finally feeling somewhat caught up.  Somewhat back into a routine.  It only took a handful of days to recover from vacation and a subsequent work training.

Don't worry.  I am not complaining.  Rather, I am wishing that we could go back.  We had so much fun on vacation and more importantly, made a ton of memories.

As evidenced by my cameras (yes, cameras as I bought a point and shoot just before we left and took over 400 photos on that, PLUS all of the photos on my iPhone).  So needless to say, its going to take a bit of time to capture this vacation.

One day at a time.  And what a better day then Day 1 at Disneyland.  Which was a TOTAL surprise.  As in, the girls had no clue until we pulled up into the hotel parking lot.  We may had let it go a bit longer, but for the life sized posters of all-things-Disney.

Even though she just woke up, think she's excited?

The best part about the surprise was that she's been asking to go for nearly a year.  And has watched friend after friend go (including some of Littlest Miss's friends go) and really couldn't understand why our family had an arbitrary you-must-be-five rule (no clue where it even came from).

But without further ado, here are some highlights of Day 1 at Disney.

iPad entertainment on the flight.  Thankfully, the headphones weren't too big of a struggle!

One of our first rides.  The every popular merry-go round!

Family selfie on the boat ride through Storybook Land.  The worker's at this ride were amazing.  They took pictures of us and gave us a "gift".



Then it was off to get our first signature.  Although, we unknowingly, may have waited the longest for Tinkerbell's signature!

But its all good when it ends with a "faith, hope, and pixie dust" chat.  Especially, since we were decked out in Tinkerbell and Peter Pan gear for day # 1.

And even better, when you find tons of "pixie dust" immediately afterwards


Another ride!  The mad hatter's tea cups!

And of course more character meet and greets!


We had hoped on getting the girls a little bit of rest mid-day, but sleep was nearly impossible when your hotel has waterslides


And there are more rides, um, rollercoasters to ride

And more characters to meet


And this mom is convinced Disney is pumping magic energy into the air.  Other than a 20 minute nap in the car from the airport to the hotel, these girls were up from 4 AM until 10:30 PM.  And at times it seemed like they could go on for ever. 

Until the exact second we walked out the gate.

Think she was tired?


Not tired enough as she was up bright and early for Day # 2! 

More to come!

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  1. Awe, how fun!! I'm so glad you guys had a great time at Disneyland. Though, I'm not sure how you couldn't. I love it so much. We are going back to Disneyland next year and I CAN'T WAIT!