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Monday, April 10, 2017

Y'all Easter is only a week away. 

Although given that Littlest Miss is starting to understand a calendar and the ordering of events it seems as though it should have come an gone already as she's been saying "Easter's coming" for at least four weeks.  Yes, its the truth, but still.

But regardless of Littlest Miss's declarations, we hadn't done much to prep or celebrate Easter (except for attending Ash Wednesday services), until now.

I think we did enough Easter activities in one weekend to make up for the last thirty something days.

First, we kicked off the weekend with one of our favorite dinners: make your own pizza.  I love it because (a) the girls eat it and (b) it keeps them occupied and the rest of my house clean for the duration of dinner prep.

After dinner, we headed to a neighbors house for a bit before hitting the sheets early for our busier than normal Saturday: gymnastics, Eggstravaganza at our Church, and soccer.  All before one.

The Eggstravaganza is one of my favorite events -- toddler friendly egg hunts, games, story time, inflatables and a petting zoo.  Seriously, heaven for my littles.

Think they had fun?

Then it was off to soccer where we once again tried to get Little Miss to run.  and score a goal. 

Once again, we weren't successful -- but at least Littlest Miss and I had fun on the sidelines and Little Miss at least smiled for her "team" picture [it's in quotes because they legit take individual pictures of all the girls and then photo shop them into the team picture]

After some Bar Method and grocery shopping, it was off to a neighbors for dinner.  Sadly, I didn't get very many pictures of the girls -- they were too busy playing, while the parents were too busy talking -- but nevertheless we had a blast.  So much so that the decorate your own ice cream for desert was not the highlight of the night

Then the Easter festivities continued Sunday with Palm Sunday Church Services, a stop at the "Petting Zoo" afterwards, and then a neighborhood Egg Hunt followed by dinner with friends.

They really wanted to pet the donkey.  But apparently the donkey was being a bit of an A!S after being ridden on through the church as part of the Palm Sunday service, so this is as close as they man in-charge of the donkey would let them get.

Just some of the kids in the neighborhood.  One of the many reasons why we love our 'hood.

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