Weekend Recapping

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Y'all.  I totally meant to post about our weekend on Monday.  I went so far as to upload my awful iPhone pictures into the Blogger app.  I just never got around to writing. 

Not Monday.

Not Tuesday.

And not this morning.  Even now, I should be working.  But something in my brain is nagging me.  Nagging me to write.  Nagging me to share.  Nagging me to blog what we've been up-to, which of course is lots.  Nothing earth shattering (I promise) but lots of stuff going on in life.  Hopefully, I'll be able to do a better job of sneaking away a few minutes here or there to post (something).  Even if it's not a lot of words.

So that's what I am going to do today.  Post the pictures I previously uploaded.

All of them are from a birthday party that we went to this past weekend at the Sea Life Aquarium.  In the past, I would have said thanks but no thanks as Little Miss hadn't mentioned this particular friend a ton of times.  However, when we got home from our parents-weekend-away, she begged me to go.  I guess she's officially at the age whereby they "get" birthday parties and want to go.

So I RSVP'ed yes.  Even though I quickly realized that our morning of back-to-back-to-back gymnastics, birthday party, and soccer game was going to be next to impossible.

And it was.  Thankfully, the Husband agreed that we could skip soccer (under the strict agreement that it was just this once), which was so worth it as not only did the girls learn all about fishies, but they had a great time bonding with their friends.

Other than the party, we actually had a low key weekend -- a goodbye dinner with Papa, dinner with the family we went to Florida with the past summer, church, errands and hanging out together.

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