Little Miss -- What She's Been Up to

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Arguably, the past five weeks have been the hardest on Little Miss.  Not only did we move to a new house, but she moved up to Early Preschool 2 and welcomed her new little sister.  Talk about a lot of transition.

To say that these weeks were challenging would be an understatement -- temper tantrums, not sleeping through the night, crying, regression on potty training -- you name it and I think we've dealt with it.  But at the same time, she was still our sweet awesome Little Miss.  The same little girl who is growing up entirely to quickly, who never ceases to amaze us or make us laugh, and arguably the best big sister out there (except maybe the day that we drove by the hospital where Claire was born and she asked if we could bring Claire back)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures and moments of Big Sister from the last few weeks:

Post Dinner Ice Cream at the Burger Shack -- Yes, she insisted on wearing her Minnie Dress and yes, she is this sassy in real life

Providing a helping hand by giving sissy her paci.  Gotta love the crazy hair.  We deal with this every morning and sadly, Little Miss doesn't like it brushed or pony tails.  All girl I tell ya!

Starbucks Junky -- water and cookie (as a reward for telling mommy that she had to potty rather than pee'ing in mommy's car).  Sadly, she knows what's on the menu better than mommy does!

Birthday party fun.  So sweet to watch her run around and play with her classmates.  Only bummers -- leaving and not tiring her out enough to  help her sleep through the night!

Monkey see monkey do -- I make milk mommy.  If only she truly understood that her boobies don't make milk yet.  Try explaining that to a toddler.  What may have been funnier than this -- when she tried to make milk on daddy.  I think the husband was genuinely afraid of the pain if she actually hit the power button.

More monkey see monkey do.  Feeding her baby.  Definitely bothered daddy -- but apparently its very common with toddlers.  Mommy just laughed -- and clearly encouraged it long enough to take the picture!

All girlie girl. Girl loves mommy's make up.  Only bad thing -- most of it is bare minerals so there tends to be lots of powder everywhere.  Talk about a mess!

Fourth of July parade -- waving to the viewers.  Such a ham.  It was so cute to see her actually start to understand holiday's this year.  She really enjoyed the fireworks -- especially since we watched them from a distance and she couldn't hear the booms -- so much so that she regularly asks when we can see fireworks again!

Just haming it up.  No other words needed.

Doughnut date with momma.  At our favorite place.  One on one time has definitely been harder to come by, but so necessary and so much fun.  Both for her and for mommy!

Prebed time sass

Park fun with daddy!

Shake shake.  Recently she's been helping me in the kitchen.  She loves it.  And I look forward to many  more kitchen memories in the future!

This past month we've been taking swimming for 30 minutes a day for two weeks.  It's amazing how much she's learned!  She even practices in the bath tub and told the main character in Green Eggs in Ham that he didn't go underwater properly -- you need to close your mouth and say mmmmmm...

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