Five on Fridays: Recent Finds

Friday, April 14, 2017

Social media seems to be everywhere now a days.  I mean, seriously, you are reading my blog that's really just about our family :)

But for real, whether its the latest instagram account, blog, podcast, twitter account, you name it, it's everywhere.  And sometimes finding the gems can be difficult, especially when time (and sometimes patience) is limited.

So not that I am an expert or anything, but I thought for this week's Five on Friday, I'd summarize some of my recent social media gems:

1. Modish Mel

So this blog is brand new.  As in just kicked off this week.  And to say I've been looking forward to it is an understatement. 

See Melissa is my neighbor and not only is she a super sweet, down-to-earth momma of two, but has been teasing us with amazing instagram photos for probably two months now. 

Looking for fashion tips, workout tips, mommy tips from a real person, please check her out!

And Mel, can you please give me a crash course in photography?!?!?

2. Motherlucker

I stumbled on this blog completely randomly as I (or I should say Little Miss and Littlest Miss) am member of Rockets of Awesome and every once and awhile, I actually open the emails that they send me.

This weeks email was titled "A genius idea that makes your nightly routine FUN."  Bed time SUCKS in our house.  Seriously, but this is another post.  And even though I don't recall what the genius idea was, I did open the email and actually clicked on the link.  And whatever I clicked on (or after multiple clicks, as I seriously cannot remember), I found this blog.


In love. 

I seriously can't wait to find some free time and just catch up on everything.

3. The Happy Hour with Shannon and Dee

This was one of the first podcasts I've ever listened to (well this or # 4).  See until recently, I had no clue about podcasts.  Never had listened to one.  Never had any intention of listening to one.  So I really don't know what happened.

But one day, I was looking at a post in one of my many facebook page groups and someone mentioned the Happy Hour podcast.  Something stirred inside of me.  So I googled.  And found two. I wasn't sure which it was so I listened to both...and loved them both...

This podcast is all about living an intentional life.  Amen.

Each podcast has some nugget of truth in it that just resonates with me.  I don't know exactly what it is about this podcast, but I seriously cannot wait for a new one to be released each week.  On days that I get to listen to Shannon and Dee on my way home, I am just happy. 

Plus, I am pretty sure I'd love to be friends with both of them. 

4. The Happy Hour

See # 3.  That's how I found this one as well.  I am not sure which one I love more...but I love them for different reasons. 

Jamie's podcasts literally feel like you are sitting in a coffee shop (or wine bar) with one of your besties just chatting.  Only each one of these women is truly amazing.  As in they do awesome, spiritual, Christian things. 

I don't necessarily learn much here, but it does make me want to be a better everything.  Amen to that. 

Plus, its super great that there are two new ones a week PLUS almost three years of archived podcasts.  Bye-bye to trashy radio on my drives home!

5. Younghouse Love (The Podcast)

This one is just fun.  I've followed Sherry and John for years, mainly on their blog and may have been a bit sad when they decided to slow down the blog posting in favor of other priorities (aka family, books, life).  I even have both of their books on display in my bookcase in the living room. 

So it's really cool to listen to their weekly podcasts.  Really makes you feel like you know them, right?

But no, for real, it's great to get their advice/thoughts on the latest housing and design trends (this last week they discussed open floor plans and whether they were done -- which really made me want to close off the second story of our living room) as well as to learn about their favorite products that they are currently digging.

They post a new podcast maybe once a week and each lasts about a half hour.  So again, great filler for those sometimes long drives home.

And that's it.  I am sure there is more social media I am digging now, but in light of Five on Friday's I'll stop with that...

...but what about you, anything I should check out?

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